New Jersey Tacos, Union City

Azteca Taqueria – Union City, NJ

Alright now I’m trying to…well try all the taco places near my office. I’m near Union City, New Jersey, a fairly Hispanic neighborhood with great food options. After using my trial Uber Eats account, doing some googling and looking at photos, I settled on Azteca Taqueria. From what I could see online the restaurant looks fairly inviting. Tacos came quick so let’s review…

Tacos from Azteca Taqueria in Union City, NJ
Tacos from Azteca Taqueria in Union City, NJ

Off the bat we have single wrapped very well made corn tortillas, handmade and thin, perfect. I ordered 3 tacos each one different, chicken, goat, and carnitas. Variety is the spice of life. All three were traditionally topped with diced yellow onion and fresh cilantro. A homemade and very fresh green sauce can also be ordered with these tacos, it’s mild with a decent kick.

First bite into the Chicken, it has a great kick, well seasoned and cooked tender. I usually don’t order chicken tacos but these alone score very high, I’ll be back for just these tacos. The goat taco had an interesting aftertaste, I’m not huge into goat so I would pass on it going forward, in my opinion there’s a lot of flavor to be found at this restaurant in other food items, overall it was quite dry, and not too flavorful. The carnitas were pretty good and were prepared in a traditional style, not heavily marinated in a sauce. Overall they weren’t a huge driver for me and could have been a little more tender, they resided on the dryer side. If you’re ordering definitely go with chicken here, I would also like to try the steak next time. Also these tacos were served with a few pieces of cactus or nopales(pads of prickly pear cactus), roasted green onions and three lime wedges.

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 7.3/10
  • Taco Price: $9 for an order of three.
  • Location: Union City, NJ
  • Strengths: the homemade tortilla makes the taco, great spot for other Mexican Dishes
  • Other Things to Try: Try the quesadilla

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1313 Summit Ave Union City NJ,


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