Welcome to Solid Taco Review, my name is Paul and I am a taco enthusiast. I travel often, I enjoy finding new taco spots with twists on the traditional Mexican staple. I call the New York Metropolitan Area my home. This site will review local spots near me (Taco spots in New York/New Jersey) If you know of a great place I should check out, whether its near me or out of state send me an email solidtacos@gmail.com. I will try and have a review each Taco Tuesday, subscribe for updates via email.

North Jersey Taco Spots with delivery and pick up during Covid-19:

  • Top Ranked NJ Spots open for take out and delivery – scores of 8 and above
    • Carlito’s Tacos – Lyndhurst, NJ – Rated 9.4/10
    • Pico Taco – Hoboken, NJ – Rated 8.8/10
    • Tacos Victoria – Jersey City – Rated 8.3/10
    • Taqueria Downtown – Jersey City, NJ – Rated 8/10
    • Gringo’s Taco – Jersey City, NJ – Rated 8.5/10 limited menu during Covid-19*
  • Top Ranked NY Spots open for Take out and delivery – scores of 8 and above
    • Flat’s Fix Taco Y Tequlia Bar – Rated 8.3/10 only the 23rd St location is open*
    • Los Tacos No. 1 – Rated 9.1/10 – Only the Chelsea Market Location is open*

Taco Recipes

Recently with Covid-19 more and more people are now cooking at home, I have taken this time to start adding more of my taco recipes to the site. I have recipes covering fish, carnitas, beef, turkey and even breakfast taco recipes. Heres a few of my recipes below, follow along on my Instagram and Facebook pages as well. For easy updates follow the blog.

Taco Reviews

I’ve reviewed several taco spots and Mexican restaurants across New Jersey and New York with several in between.  I rate tacos for both their originality and creatively. I tend to solely rate taco only restaurants, places that serve multiple types of cuisines are usually not covered unless their recipes stand out. (like taco pizzas) I also try to avoid Mexican food that has been heavily Americanized so places that rely on lettuce, hard shell tacos, cheddar cheese and tomatoes fall within that category. The site covers well executed traditional Mexican and fusion tacos that stay somewhat true to Mexican cuisine, spices and seasonings need to remain largely intact. My reviews cover traditional tortillas, mainly hand made soft corn tortillas and flour.

Why take my opinion?

Paul from Solid Taco Review
Paul – from SolidTacoReview.com

Well…I’m a millennial white guy that gives you his on honest opinions on a Mexican Staple. I’m also doing this for fun and I’m not paid to make any of these reviews by the food trucks, stands, or restaurants. I will do my best to separate the bland, decent and out of this world tacos. I will also do my best to avoid national chain restaurants. I will not review Taco-Bell, Chipotle, Qdoba (shit’s not happening, you’ve all had that) and I’ll avoid restaurants that have “Mexican” items on their menus, you go all in or not at all in life. Anyway thanks for stopping by and I hope you find that special taco made just for you.


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