Elote - Street Corn
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Easy to Make Elote Street Corn Recipe

Elote Street Corn Recipe – (on the cob)

While I love tacos, I really enjoy all Mexican food, and one of my favorite and simple dishes is Elote, also known as street corn. This is a fantastic street food known throughout Mexico, it’s served commonly on the cob or sometimes off the cob in a cup known as esquites or elote salad. This is a really easy side dish to make and add to your meal or tacos. Being from Jersey, (The Garden State) I am fortunate to have access to some great produce and if you can use local Jersey Corn for this, go for it. There’s two things that are going to make this recipe really easy: the first is the microwave we’ll use that to cook the corn, the second is this amazing product from Trader Joes. There’s so many products that I love from Trader Joe’s, I’ve just added the Everything but the Elote seasoning  to that list. As described the elote seasoning has everything in it including the cheese, you really don’t need to add anything. Grab this spice in Trader Joe’s for $2.49, I’ve added it to everything including  broccoli, tortilla dough, baked potatoes, pizza, buttered toast, you name it! I Just Cant Get Enough

Elote – Street Corn


  • Find yourself some good Sweet Corn.
    • buy corn with the husks on
  • Sour cream
  • small amount of Mayo
  • Trader Joe’s Everything but the Elote Seasoning


  1. First husk the corn, but keep the stem on the bottom attached, we’re going to use the stem later as a handle while we’re coating and roasting the corn. Cover the corn in Saran Warp or Cling wrap, we want to seal the corn so the cooks in the microwave. Throw two ears of corn in the microwave and let it run for 3-4 minutes.
  2. In a small dish add a scoop of sour-cream and then add a little mayo. The mixture your’e going to be making is going to be 80% sour cream and 20% Mayonnaise.
  3. Grab the corn from the microwave the hold the corn by it’s stem place the corn over stove’s open flame each time you hear a pop rotate it, the corn will start to char in a few areas, continue the process until you are satisfied, we’re just charring the corn, not burning it.
  4. Take a rubber spatula scoop some of the sour cream mixture you put together, and coat the corn. Grab the corn by the stem and sprinkle on the elote seasoning from Trader Joe’s… and you’re done!

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