Inside of Pico Tacos - Hoboken, NJ
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Pico Taco – Hoboken, NJ

Exterior Pico Taco - Hoboken, NJ
Exterior Pico Taco – Hoboken, NJ

Finally some authentic Mexican tacos in the Mile Square City of Hoboken, NJ. Newly opened 3 months ago in Hoboken is Pico Taco, find them at 70 Hudson St. in Hoboken at the former Green Rock Tap & Grill location. The building has been painted in a clean white exterior. The interior is clean and modern of granite white table tops, wood chairs… it’s simple with just a flag banner of Mexico’s colors; red, white, and green. You might know you’re in a taco spot upon seeing all the Mexican sodas in the case. While the inside doesn’t quite remind me of a taqueria, the soulful banging of a cast iron tortilla press in the kitchen does. Too often many of the taco spots I review use packaged tortillas, while easier, it takes away from the experience and flavor. Pico Taco starts their taco the right way by making their own tortillas, this is evident by first bite and feel in between your fingers.

Inside of Pico Tacos - Hoboken, NJ
Inside of Pico Taco – Hoboken, NJ

T.T (Taco Time)

Let’s jump into the tortilla a bit first, I heard each tortilla being pressed fresh in the back. The tortilla is a little thicker, its soft, made with fresh corn masa, and each one of my tacos held together without a tear. I do wish the tortillas were cooked a little longer, but other than that each was very delicious.

Pico Tacos - Hoboken, NJ
Pico Taco – Hoboken, NJ

I ordered three tacos, each one served with a lime wedge and slices of fresh radishes. I went with an al pastor, a carnitas and a beef barbacoa taco. Each taco was served with the traditional toppings of cilantro and diced onion. First up was the al pastor, in true Mexico City style the meat was marinated just right with traditional adobada, the coloring on the meat was just right from the chiles. The meat for the al pastor was just right with both thick and thin cuts of pork. The texture of the meat was quite lean and tender with no oil. This is probably my second favorite Al pastor I’ve had next to having the meat cut off of an authentic trompo in Dublin at El Grito. Pico Taco also uses a ripe and delicious pineapple to top of their al pastor taco and really balanced out all of the flavors.

Al Pastor Taco from Pico Taco in Hoboken, NJ

I took a bite of the barbacoa taco next, a little more kick to this one on the heat index, I would still describe it as mild. My concern with barbacoa which is usually why I order it as a “can they do this right?”; is it can be hastily made with the fat not rendered out properly, also its easy to dry out quick. The barbacoa at Pico Taco was right on the money, fresh, tender and with a good balance of the natural flavor of the meat and spices. The carnitas were also prepared well, they are tender and delicious they are a little salty but I honestly prefer them that way, that might be for everyone.

Overall I really enjoyed Pico Taco, the staff is friendly and welcoming. The tacos are made fresh as they should be, ingredients are fresh and the meat is tender, not dry, well cooked. It’s nice to have a good to spot for real tacos in Hoboken, wishing Pico Taco success with the year to come!

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 8.8/10
  • Taco Price: $3.50 for each taco
  • Location(s): Hoboken, NJ

70 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ

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