El Taquito - Miami, Fl
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El Taquito Mexican Grill – Miami, Florida

Out front of El Taquito – Coconut Grove – Miami, FL

While away in Miami, I had the chance to try some amazing Cuban food, and some Venezuelan Arepas, but of course I took 15 minutes to hunt down these tacos at El Taquito Mexican Grill in Coconut Grove. Check out this awesome little spot, a great spot for some grab and go tacos. Watch the Porsche GT3’s (yes they are that common) and the occasional Lamborghini drive by out front in the Florida sun as you wait. Prices are more than fair here with tacos starting at around $2 and up, with your wait time around 10 minutes after ordering.

Menu at El Taquito – Coconut Grove, Miami. FL

There’s a fairly good selection to be found here from the traditional al pastor and carnitas, to churrasco tacos, a type of steak originating from Brazil. The churrasco tacos are $11.99 for 3, still a great deal. I’ll make an attempt for the churrasco tacos on my next trip. I ordered 3 tacos, each one different so I’ll be sure to give you the full details on each of them.

(Left to Right) Carnitas, Steak, and Al Pastor Tacos at El Taquito - Coconut Grove, Miami. FL
(Left to Right) Carnitas, Steak, and Al Pastor Tacos at El Taquito – Coconut Grove, Miami. FL

As always let’s talk about the tortillas first, single wrapped tacos, browned on the bottom, still soft with a little crunch and cooked on a flat stove with the meat on top. These were not house made but still pretty good. I ordered an al pastor, a steak, and a carnitas. Each taco comes topped with onions and cilantro. These tacos have great flavor complexity, savory and a little sweet. These tacos are prepared and served hot off the grill, unfortunately they lacked a little spice.

Alright let’s get to it, taco time…Dale!

Dale – It’s Mister Worldwide

I was really hoping the al pastor tacos would be the best here, al pastor differs from place to place, it was quite good, a little salty and topped with pineapple. Oddly enough I really like a hot and oily al pastor taco, my favorite was from El Grito in Dublin. The al pastor tacos at El Taquito are very lean pork with a good amount of seasoning and lime, flavor wise and quality, they are very good, just not my preference.

Next up I tried the steak tacos which were very well seasoned and a great cut of meat. The steak tacos were sweet tasting, with a hint of lime. The steak was probably my favorite taco here, it’s well seasoned, a good bite and texture. I’m really curious to try the the churrasco tacos next time as the steak really shined here.

Finally I gave the carnitas a try, I’ve had some dry carnitas, so for some reason, that’s always my fear. Carnitas are like dating you’re going to try a few bad ones first. I’m happy to report there was nothing to fear here at El Taquito in sunny 305. The carnitas tacos here in Coconut Grove were well seasoned, mouth watering and packed with flavor. Again not much spice (heat) to these tacos, I’d rank the carnitas second to the steak tacos.

Alright that’s about it, give El Taquito Mexican Grill a try if you’re in Miami, I should also point out there’s three locations.

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 7.7/10
  • Taco Price: $2.49 and up
  • Location: Miami, FL – Coconut Grove – Kendall – Little Havana
  • Strengths: Grab and go, cooked in front of you, Authentic Mexican


Little Havana – 1380 SW 8th st 33135 – Miami, FL
Coconut Grove – 3410 Main Hwy 33133 – Miami, FL
Kendall – 14429 SW 42nd st 33175 – Miami, FL

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