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The Taco Shop – West Village – New York, NY

The Taco Shop Painting
The Taco Shop Painting

Feliz Navidad on this Taco Tuesday! Check out this awesome spot in the West Village New York City. The Taco shop is a a great spot to grab a quick bite before walking over to the Village Underground for a comedy show. I came to this taco spot in New York awhile back, maybe for a 3rd date? Anyway it wasn’t a great time to start taking notes on tacos.

Trying The Taco Shop again for a second time I can give you a better impression. First things first this a great spot for a first or 300th date; its quick, inexpensive for New York. If you’re time crunched it’s a good option, there’s even a special before 7 pm during the week, Sunday-Friday, three tacos, and a beer or Margarita for $14.

Interior of The Taco Shop - West Village, NY, NY
Interior of The Taco Shop – West Village, NY, NY

The Taco Shop is actually located below burrito loco walk down the steps out front to get inside. A small atmosphere as mentioned makes it ideal for a better one on one spot, or with friends. This Mexican restaurant’s exposed beams on the ceiling, bright paint, wood tables, luchador masks hanging from the ceiling, dim lighting, soccer on the TV, and a “Where do you go” remix playing make this an interesting space in the city.

To start out, the menu is made up of Tacos and Not Tacos. We ordered a baja fish taco, chicken tinga taco, beef barbacoa, street corn and for dessert a side of sweet plantains. Note: There are two vegetarian taco options here.

Tacos at The Taco Shop - West Village, NY
Tacos at The Taco Shop – West Village, NY

I started with the beef barbacoa taco, a good tender, juicy meat, good amount of oil and seasoning. Each taco here at The Taco Shop is topped with cilantro and onions. The tortillas themselves are truthfully not the best, I prefer a grittier and better cooked tortilla. Unfortunately the tacos tended to fall apart down the middle after the first bite. Overall the beef barbacoa was just okay. The hot sauces really didn’t stack up either; with just three choices a Hot, Medium and Mild; the hot can be compared to the heat of Sriracha.

I tried the chicken tinga taco, similar issues happened here with the tortilla falling apart down the middle. The chicken tinga was also a little bland in flavor lacking real spice or complexity. Overall the meat was more less served wet, think sauce with chicken, not chicken with sauce.

The baja fish taco had the same tortilla issues, served luke warm and beer battered in a Negra Modelo. Again not a huge amount of flavor here. The street corn we ordered was actually really good, the balance of heat and savory flavor is there. The fried plantains were also very good, I would have liked them to be a little sweeter but overall very good. I am left with the impression that this taco spot may do their non-taco items better. Overall despite my score, The Taco Shop is still a good spot for a quick bite before starting your night, I just wouldn’t have it be the center of the night.

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 5.8/10
  • Taco Price: $14 for the special, 3 street tacos and an alcoholic drink
  • Location: West Village, Manhattan, NY
  • Strengths: Great small intimate space
  • Also try: Margaritas, street corn and plantains

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166 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014

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