Bayonne, New Jersey Tacos

Tortilla Bite & Grill – Bayonne, NJ

Inside Tortilla Bite & Grill

Located in Bayonne New Jersey on the main street, Broadway, you’ll find Tortilla Bite & Grill. This small Mexican restaurant has a few dishes worth trying. From the decor and friendly staff you will feel welcome. They offer a few varieties of tacos. I was getting ready for a concert in Philadelphia, so I ordered three chicken tacos to go. While waiting I watched some sizzling fajitas come from the kitchen so I’ll be back for those later.

Tortilla Bite & Grill - Bayonne, NJ Chicken Tacos
Tortilla Bite & Grill – Bayonne, NJ Chicken Tacos

Now the tacos themselves were made using a very basic corn tortilla, and were double wrapped. The meat wasn’t seasoned as well as I prefer but they were still fairly good. With the order of 3 tacos came half a cactus pedal, fresh sliced avocado, a few slices of radishes, limes and a homemade green sauce that was served hot in temperature, and tasted mild and a little sweet. The tacos were topped with cilantro and diced yellow onion. I would say these are very standard tacos not bad, but not exceptional and generally a dry taco, the green sauce was very good make sure to use it! fresh and ripened avocado was a plus.

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 5/10
  • Taco Price: $7 order of
  • Location: Bayonne, NJ
  • Strengths: price and sauce
  • Other Things to Try: fajitas looked pretty good and the huaraches did as well.

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682 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ


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