Acapulco Plaza Tacos - Bayonne, NJ
Bayonne, New Jersey Tacos, Vegetarian Friendly

Acapulco Plaza Tacos – Bayonne, NJ

First let me start by saying this is really the first place I experienced more of an authentic taco as a kid. Before Acapulco Plaza in Bayonne I was eating the standard Americanized hard shell taco and out of the box flour Ortega tortillas (still thankful mom). So Acapulco set me on the right path in search of some solid tacos. Acapulco Plaza in Bayonne New Jersey operates as a deli with a small kitchen in the back and has two small tables. (eat in and you’ll be served chips and their house made salsa) The owners and staff are very friendly and it has been my go to place for any quick needs in the neighborhood. Most of the food is pretty damn good, Mole enchiladas, chipotle tinga de pollo tostadas, (some of the best I’ve had) or the quesadillas are the move here.

Yeah that’s cool, but how are the tacos?

The tacos are…ok here, the options listed above are much better and worth trying for the quality and price, and for that reason alone I rank Acapulco Plaza pretty high for Mexican food, tacos are a different story.

Acapulco Plaza Tacos - Bayonne, NJ
Acapulco Plaza Tacos – Bayonne, NJ

The tortillas unfortunately are not homemade and they are the integral part of the taco for me. Each taco is wrapped in two corn tortillas, served with cilantro, diced onions, a few slices of radishes, and a lime wedge. The steak and chicken tacos miss the mark and need better seasoning, even with their house made green sauce on it, it doesn’t cut it compared to other taco spots. If they took the tinga de pollo and put it onto a homemade tortilla we’d have a real hit on our hands.

  • Solid Taco Review Score: 4.8/10
  • Taco Price: $7 for an order of 3.
  • Location: Bayonne, NJ
  • Strengths: green sauce and price
  • Other Things to Try: Tinga de Pollo tostadas, Tinga de Pollo quesadillas, Mole enchiladas

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Location: 618 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ

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